Projects under development and other InfoRMATION


A Super Simple FM SDR Transceiver for 6 or 10 Meters.  This design uses a few pre-assembled modules to generate digital FM.  Control is via an Arduino NANO.

This design is featured in the March 2019 issue of QST Magazine


HF Transceiver for SSB and CW.  Based on an old analog design of mine from 1982 but updated with DDS to replace original analog VFO.  This is built in modular form to aid experimentation and fits into a 19" rack cabinet.


A new Dual Diversity SDR general coverage receiver.  This receiver uses two antenna input signals (usually opposite polarity) to eliminate much of the QSB typical under poor band conditions.  Quite often, a signal level is much greater on one antenna than another.  An SDR Dongle is used as a Fixed IF at 35 Mhz and tuning is done on the front panel.


Here is one of the All-Mode 1 kHz to 1.7 Ghz receiver boards set up as a spectrum analyzer for the HF bands with internal battery pack and attenuator.  

Software is 'Spektrum'

Shown here is a screenshot of HDSDR software on the left driven by the SSB SDR transceiver and SDR# software on the right, driven by the Super Simple FM SDR Transceiver as published in the March 2019 issue of QST Magazine.  Also shown is the Serial USB interface program  (termite) that sets transmit frequency for both applications.  These projects may also be used on Android devices using SDRtouch software, also a free download.