Circuit Boards and Kits can be ordered via PayPal.  Prices include free shipping to USA addresses.  Foreign orders please add additional $10.00 USD postage.         

I will usually ship within one business day via USPS first class and provide tracking info if available.   Special pricing is available for group orders.   Contact me via  e-mail.  I have a supply of SRA-1 mixers and 100 Mhz oscillators on hand.  E-mail me for quantity and pricing.  All circuit boards are high quality, FR4 material with plated through holes, solder mask on both sides and silkscreen image on top layer. 

Notch Filter/Clipper boards & Kits


Circuit boards and kits are available for this Audio Notch filter and clipper

This article was published in the August 2015 issue of QST magazine under the title of "WA3TFS Audio Notch Filter and Clipper"

This design is used to enhance reception on the HF bands under QRN or QRM conditions. Shown here is the board installed in a separate cabinet but is is easily mounted within existing equipment. Since the older receivers are mostly in need of this type of device, they also usually have room inside and panel area available to mount the controls. This design is inserted between the audio output and the speaker. It provides an adjustable notch and adjustable clipping of noise peaks.

The circuit board is available for $10 including shipping.

C/N Printed Circuit Board


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SB!1 - SDR Receiver/upconverter boards and kits


This is the "All-Mode 1 kHz to 1.7 Ghz SDR Receiver " as featured in the January 2016 issue of QST Magazine.

This simple design uses a re-purposed dongle to allow you to receive any type of signal from as low as 1 kHZ to as high as 1.7 Ghz. This is a high performance design with low pass filtering and a high performance double balanced mixer to up-convert the HF spectrum to 100 Mhz and above. Provided on board is an oscillator and voltage regulator to allow operation from 7 to 12 volts DC.
This board is typically used with free downloaded software such as SDR# or HDSDR. Several software packages are available for free or low cost to use this device as a receiver, panadapter, or spectrum analyzer.
Many users have tied this into the IF of their commercial radios to be able to view the spectrum on the computer monitor in order to see the received signals available.

Schematic, parts lists, etc.

Several hundred of these have been constructed with great results and the performance is comparable with some of the best Amateur Radio receivers available for purchase.

Circuit boards and kits are available and I have a limited number of assembled and tested boards as well.

Pricing includes for the kit, and assembled boards, all parts that mount on the board and the board itself.  The dongle, cabinet, switches, etc. are not included and must be obtained separately.  Use a dongle with an 820T or 820T2 tuner.  Prices on the internet are typically less than $10.  The 820T2 dongle is the newer version.

SB1 Printed Circuit Board


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SB1 Printed Circuit Board and Parts Kit


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Includes all parts that mount on board.  Does not include dongle, switches, enclosure, etc.

SB1 Assembled and Tested Board


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Does not include dongle.

High frequency ssb sdr transmitter/transceiver

HF Single Side Band SDR transmitter, Transceiver.

This is a HF SSB SDR Transmitter

This transmitter electronic radio kit  was featured in the August 2017 issue of QST magazine.

Three printed circuit boards are used to provide the basic functions of control, sideband generation and RF amplification and filtering.  

Control is based on a TI microprocessor and readily available DDS modules.  The second board generates high quality sideband RF at 9 Mhz and mixes with the DDS output to generate RF at the output frequency.  

This design is controlled via USB ports tied to a computer running free downloaded software such as SDR#, HDSDR or similar programs.

This design is recommended for experienced builders because of the complexity and number of parts.  Additional output filters must also be constructed to aid compliance with FCC requirements.  These boards form the basis for any SSB transmitter project

Output power is in the 1-2 watt range.

I have sets of three circuit boards available for this project but I do not have any more kits.

Cost of set of three circuit boards is $34.00 shipped.

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SSB Set of three circuit boards


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Includes Boards A, B, C

super simple fm sdr for six or ten meters transceiver


This is a 6 meter or 10 meter FM SDR transceiver that was published in the August 2019 issue of QST

This design makes extensive use of several off-the-shelf inexpensive modules to generate high quality digital FM.

Frequency control is by an Arduino NANO micro and an
AD9850 DDS Module to generate digital FM.

Output power is 3 watts and you can program a tone for repeater access if necessary.

All the modules are readily available on line for minimal cost. This design is simple to construct and requires only a few through-hole parts to assemble.

The same circuit board is used for either 6 or 10 meters with a few parts value changes and different control software. Circuit boards are now available. $25.50 first class shipping/tracking included via PayPal

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Circuit Board for 6 or 10 meters


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